Why don’t you have a menu of services for the massage clinic?

Why don’t you have a menu of services for the massage clinic?


At many massage therapy establishments, clients are provided with a menu of services, which gives clients several choices for the type of treatments that they want.  For example, clients may choose between “Swedish Massage” and “Deep Tissue Massage,” and there may be different prices for different services.  We do not offer a menu, but rather provide you with therapists who are trained to listen to your needs, and create a specialized treatment plan just for you.

At Arcata School of Massage, in both our Student Clinic and our Professional Clinic, our therapists are all trained in a variety of techniques.  They also all specialize in their own unique services and have different styles, and they will take the time to talk with you a little bit before your session begins, to determine what you want and need.

Every massage therapist at ASM can give a relaxing, Swedish-style, circulatory massage.  This is usually what people think of when they think of a professional massage.  Also, our therapists can give a Deep Swedish-style massage, using more pressure and working in tender areas.  Many but not all of our therapists can give a Deep Tissue massage. Some of our therapists specialize in Therapeutic Bodywork for helping with chronic pain, injury recovery, and postural change. Our receptionists can help you choose a therapist who’s style seems right for you. Be sure to talk to them about this while you are making your appointment.

Every massage therapist is different.  We are like musicians who play different styles of music, or cooks who use different recipes.  There is not a set standard, but rather a variety of choices.  For this reason, it is important to communicate directly with your therapist about what you want, and what you like – not just before the massage, but also during the massage.  If you tell your therapist, “I don’t like that,” then they will listen, and change.  If you tell your therapist, “I like that,” they will learn about you.  Communication is key!